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CARSKNKDC (CAR) peptide, our lead therapeutic candidate, is being developed for the enhanced survival and treatment of pulmonary hypertension, COVID-19 and sepsis patients. CAR preferentially homes to, and penetrates diseased tissue while selectively augmenting the efficacy of therapies. CAR can selectively boost drug effectiveness and reduce systemic side effects by enhancing the targeted uptake of co-administered and conjugated therapeutics.

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Our first interventional product, the endoarterial biopsy catheter, is the world’s first interventional device to obtain a biopsy sample from the inner layers of an artery in a minimally invasive fashion. Endoarterial biopsies will better enable the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of vascular-based diseases, and provide the synergy to develop a wide range of products, services, and pharmaceuticals that target vascular-based diseases.

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Our molecular diagnostic products will provide molecular analyses of endoarterial biopsy samples, and a comprehensive profile of a patient’s vascular disease. We will extend the modern cancer care model of performing transcriptional profiling of tumor biopsies to diseases of the vasculature.

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Vascular BioSciences Announces Publication of "Intratracheally Administered Peptide-Modified Lipid Admixture Containing Fasudil and/or DETA NONOate Ameliorates Various Pathologies of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension" in the current issue of the medical journal Pharmaceuticals Read more »

Vascular BioSciences Announces Publication of “CAR Selectively Enhances the Pulmonary Vasodilatory Effect of Fasudil in a Microsphere Model of Pulmonary Hypertension” in the Current Issue of The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal Read more »

Vascular BioSciences Receives $2.7M STTR Fast-Track Grant for CAR Liposomes with VA Hospital of Northern California Read more »

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Our Mission

Vascular BioSciences was founded to develop products that enhance and prolong human life. At VBS, we develop disease solutions as if we were developing them for our own family – because that’s what every patient is, a member of someone’s family. We make interventional catheters to obtain endoarterial biopsies, provide molecular diagnostic solutions, and advance targeted therapies for the treatment of serious and debilitating diseases.
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